Plant Haus is a creative project by Seattle artist Jasmine Law.

Inspiration is derived from the seasons, modern fashion and an ever-growing adoration of plants. Jasmine hand cuts all of the glass and uses solder to seal the pendants closed. The flowers and leaves are collectedthroughout the changing seasons. They are all pressed and preserved with care. Every piece has its own story and is her attempt to preserve a small piece of the macrocosm.

All of the pieces listed on this site will naturally change and evolve over time, as does everything in the natural world. Ferns are prone to turn brown and are still stunning, but be advised that they will not stay green forever.

Custom work requests are welcome and encouraged. Contact for wholesale inquiries.


Homepage and About photos on this site were taken by Jordan VothProduct images shot by Emily Ryder.

Huge thank you to both of these individuals!