Plant Haus is a creative undertaking to preserve the beauty that can only be found in the wild. Every pendant is unique and completely crafted by hand. The glass is cut, taped and soldered closed with lead free solder. The flowers and ferns used are collected in the Pacific Northwest. Out of respect for the natural world, only a certain quantity of every plant is picked and pressed. I have a deep love and appreciation for plants and all of the medicinal and spiritual properties they hold, of which inspires much of my art and this jewelry line. 

All of the pieces listed on this site will naturally change and evolve over time, as does everything in the natural world. 

Custom work requests are welcome and encouraged, but Plant Haus is not liable for any damage to personal flora. Contact for wholesale inquiries.


Homepage and About photos on this site were taken by Jordan VothProduct images shot by Emily Ryder.

Huge thank you to both of these individuals!